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Syria, Isis in Deir Ezzor continues to attack the SAA to reach the Euphrates

Isis raises attacks against the Syrian army between Deir Ezzor and Abu Kamal. The Islamic State militants, after the SDF have discovered and dismantled the routes to the East, must quickly find new ones

Isis continues to attack the Syrian army (SAA) between Deir Ezzor Abu Kamal. In fact, in the past few hours, a group of fundamentalists of the Islamic State struck a position of the soldiers of Damascus near Huraybishah. The militants have a large pocket in the desert of Badia al-Sham, from which they send the commandos that carry out blitz against the SAA to create new corridors towards the Euphrates and the east of the province. The traditional routes, in fact, were discovered by the SDF which launched a massive operation in the quadrant along the Shaddadai Road. As a result, Daesh jihadists must find new ones quickly. Especially after the vigilance of Jazeera Storm in Busayrah was increased. Here in the last month most of the infiltrations were recorded and the area had become the IS base from which to launch the attacks against the Arab-Kurdish forces and the population.

Moreover, Daesh reappears after a year in Sweida and Daraa. Perhaps due to the Damascus offensive in Idlib

Isis also returned to Sweida and Daraa, after more than a year of silence. In the first area a member of the 15th SAA brigade was assassinated by militiamen of the Islamic State. in the second, Daesh jihadists attacked a unit of allied militias, killing four elements and destroying a vehicle. The news is interesting, as it was believed that Damascus had finally defeated IS after lengthy negotiations, which had seen the surrender of fundamentalists in exchange for a safe conduct towards Idlib. Here, however, an offensive air violence is underway by the Syrian government, which is a prelude to ground maneuvers. Therefore it is possible that elements of the group may have left the province and returned to the south. If this were confirmed, it would be a problem both for Bashar Assad and for the neighboring countries: Jordan and Lebanon.

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