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Syria, Isis in Deir Ezzor attacks the SAA to open new routes towards East

Isis in Deir Ezzor is focusing its attacks on the Syrian army (SAA) in Qouriya. From here passes one of the most important routes to the East. This is confirmed by the fact that the SDF have dismantled a large Islamic State cell just across the river, in Jurdi

Isis in Deir Ezzor focuses its attacks on the Syrian army (SAA) to open new routes to the east. The Islamic State militants have launched an offensive against SAA positions between Mayadeen and Qouriya, also assaulting the base of the Shiite allies of Damascus in Ain Ali. Daesh, following an ever closer vigilance by the SDF along the Shaddadi Road must necessarily find alternative ways to enter the quadrant. One of the most recent ones is through the area. Consequently, it must be “liberated” from the enemy to be exploited. The confirmation comes from the fact that Jazeera Storm across the river has discovered and dismantled a large IS cell in Jurdi. The fundamentalists had many explosives and communications equipment, as well as weapons and ammunition. A sign that it was a large and prominent group.

Jazeera Storm also continues to fight fires at agricultural fields, set by Daesh. International aid is arriving to stem the phenomenon, while the population reacts by building silos to store the crops as soon as possible

Meanwhile, the SDF continue the hunt for ISIS cells in Deir Ezzor, while they fight together with the population to extinguish the fires in the agricultural fields set by the militia. In this context, the international partners intervened to help Jazeera Storm, sending technical and logistic equipment. Among the materials arrived in the last hours in the Syrian province there are also tools for the prevention and extinction of fires. These are triggered by elements of the Islamic State, for revenge against the population and the Arab-Kurd forces. Daesh’s goal is to feed terror and “starve” civilians. The local inhabitants, however, are reacting quickly by opening new silos to store the crops before they are burned (the last are the ones of Salhabiya for the area between Tabqa and Raqqa). In addition, several fire brigades have been activated and supervision has been strengthened.

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