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Syria, Isis in Deir Ezzor also loses Sha’fah and the SDF advance

Isis also lost Sha’fah, the SDF control over 90% and push south. The final battle against the Islamic State will presumably take place in Susah, where the two axes of Jazeera Storm are converging

Isis in Deir Ezzor also lost Sha’Fah. The Operation Round Up SDFs (Jazeera Storm) in just three days of fighting have driven the Islamic State out of over 90% of the stronghold and continue to press jihadists. They took refuge in the southernmost part of the city and fled to Susah. Once the liberation of the area is completed, Syrian fighters will advance south. Their next goal is al-Ulay’at. Then, it will come to Susah, where Daesh will fight his final battle for survival in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). The southern axis of the Arab-Kurdish forces is also converging here. The troops, after freeing Baghuz Fawqani have now attacked Shajlah. Their task will be to go back along the Euphrates and take first Safafinah and then Marashidah. Finally, they too will arrive in Susah and the circle on the militia will close.

The Arab-Kurdish forces shared the tasks. Some fight on the front lines, while others reclaim cities from the last Daesh remnants and help civilians escape from the battle areas in MERV

Moreover, the SDF divided the tasks. Once reinforcements were made in the MERV, some units were on the front line against Isis. The Coalition intervened to support them, with heavy bombing on the entire quadrant. Others, on the other hand, are working to clean up the cities of Deir Ezzor freed by the Islamic State. Both from the mines and the improvised bombs (IED), disseminated by the jihadists, and the tunnels used to move in the shadows and attack the Syrian fighters from behind. At the same time, other Syrian fighters units rake the former strongholds in search of hidden militia and weapons and ammunition depots. The last one was discovered and dismantled in Hajin just a few hours ago. They also evacuate civilians fleeing Daesh areas and bring them to safety.

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