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Syria, Isis has nearly lost Bahrah and is being attacked from two sides at Hajin

The SDF are constantly taken away land from Isis at Bahrah and are sieging Hajin from north east and south east

Isis at Deir Ezzor has nearly lost Bahrah. The SDF of operation Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) are moving rapidly in the town, taking away land from the Daesh. Incidentally, in the past days, they have also sent reinforcements of weapons, ammunitions and equipment, to the area. In the meantime, other Syrian fighting teams are approaching Hajin from two directions: south east and north east. The Islamic State by now is scattered in the area. There are separate groups in the town upto the border with Iraq and others which are moving autonomously in the a matter of fact some jihadists recently attacked posts of the Forces of Damascus (SAA) at Qurayya. Very far from their comrades, who are trying to defend the last outposts in the area. This confirms that in IS there is no more coordination and that each man acts for himself. And not always in view of converging goals.

Daesh is under attack by the Syrian army at Abu Dali and by the rebel farces more at north

At the same time, the Syrian army is continuing to attack Isis in the pocket of resistance between Hama and Idlib. In the past hours the Tiger Forces have been forced to retreat from the village of Shutayeb, near Abu Dali, as a consequence of a Daesh offensive with car bombs (SVBIED). Later, though, they launched a counter offensive, regaining control of the area. The result of the action, as witnessed by several local videos, was of tens of militants of the Islamic State being killed. In the same quadrant, at north, moreover IS is being targeted also by the Syrian rebel forces. The Al Nokhba Army attacked the jihadists at Umm al Khalakhil. Besides, the forces of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) arrested two Isil agents, who were trying to place explosive traps behind the lines of the FSA, in the country of Tamanaa.

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