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Syria: Isis flees from the East and tries to reorganize in Afrin and Idlib

Isis, defeated in the East of Syria, flees to Afrin and Idlib. Some militants captured by the SDF: Several leaders of the Islamic State have moved to the two cities to reorganize the group

Isis, pressed by the SDF in eastern Syria, seeks refuge in the north. This was confirmed by some militiamen, captured in recent days by Jazeera Storm. The jihadists have revealed that several leaders of the Islamic State have moved to Afrin and that among them there would also be Ahmad Nazir al-Khelf, who leads a cell called the “Tebook Brigade”. Other Daesh commanders, on the other hand, moved to Idlib, where they also set up the Sharia Committee. From here, in fact, fundamentalist attacks start in the eastern and northern area of ​​the Middle Eastern country. In particular, terrorist leaders would be in places under Turkish influence. This is thanks to the good relations that the IS leaders have with some Ankara intelligence officers, who would provide them with logistical support. In particular at the hands of the Ahrar al-Sherqiya group of mercenaries.

The commanders would be in areas under Turkish influence. Moreover in places where the struggle against Daesh is not considered a priority. There is a risk that jihadists can increase the level of threat to the whole country

The confessions, if confirmed, would open a new scenario in the struggle of the SDF at ISIS in Syria. Jazeera Storm militarily defeated the Islamic State by driving it out of the east of the country. Furthermore, it continues to carry out operations to eliminate the cells from Deir Ezzor to Hasaka, passing through Raqqa and Manbij. No coincidence that the latest raids took place in Dhiban and in the northern city. However, the arrival of the Daesh leaders in Afrin and Idlib could change the cards on the table. The contrast to the jihadists, in fact, is not considered a priority in the area. So, if they are not stopped in time, they will have the chance to reorganize themselves and increase the level of security threat. Not just in the east, but throughout the country.

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