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Syria, Isis fights the last battle against the SDF in Baghouz underground

Isis in Baghouz is preparing to fight its final battle against the SDF underground. Jazeera Storm began to attack the tunnels where the last militiamen of the Islamic State hid

Isis fights its final battle against the SDF at Deir Ezzor in the tunnels. The last militiamen of the Islamic State, who fled from the Baghouz tent city during the invasion of Jazeera Storm, hid in the dense network of conduits, located in the underground area. Some of them have already been destroyed by the International Coalition, but many still work. It is not clear how many Daesh jihadists are inside them. It is certain, however, that hundreds of extremists lost their lives during clashes with Syrian fighters in the camp. On social media, images of expanses of bodies circulate, most likely shot down by the Arab-Kurd snipers. Moreover, in the past few hours almost 1,500 terrorists and their families surrendered to the SDF, in what has been the definitive longest line ever. So the “underground” IS ranks, therefore dangerous, are limited.

The US president, Donald Trump, confirms the defeat of Daesh and announces that 200 soldiers will remain for a certain period in Deir Ezzor. As many, they will be deployed elsewhere near the border with Israel

The confirmation that Isis lost the war in Syria comes from the US president, Donald Trump. Speaking to the press, he showed a map, showing that the territories of the Islamic State in the 2016 election night were marked in red. “When I took the job, it was a mess,” he said. Then he pointed out that today there is no red zone anymore. There is only a small area in the hands of Daesh, but it will be swept away in the night. The reference is to the spit of land in Baghouz along the Euphrates, where the militants were crushed by the SDF and the Coalition. The tycoon also explained the media that in Deir Ezzor for a certain period of time, 200 soldiers will remain and as many will be deployed in another area of ​​Syria near the borders of Israel. Their task, even if it has not been formalized, will be to ensure that there are no threats to the Jewish State by the jihadists.

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