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Syria, Isis cell that caused the jihadists to flee from Al-Hol dismantled

The SDF, together with Inherent Resolve, dismantled an Isis cell that operated making the jihadists and their families flee from the Al-Hol camp

The SDF special forces and Inherent Resolve arrested three Isis militiamen, members of a cell operating at the Al-Hol camp, in the province of Hasaka. The group, as confirmed by the equipment seized along with weapons and money, carried out espionage actions at the prison in eastern Syria where about 60,000 local and foreign IS jihadists (foreign fighters) are held, as well as their families. The task of the terrorists was to study the movements of the enemy and the organization of security, in order to organize micro-operations to make comrades and their loved ones escape from the structure, then transporting them to safe places. The cell, according to local sources, was very active and had already managed to evacuate several members of the former Daesh. Intelligence had long tracked and monitored their movements. Finally, the military intervened when the cell was preparing to carry out a new raid, foiling it.

In the past few hours, 22 Isis terrorists have also been captured between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor, while in the last few days 19 have been arrested in Eastern Syria

In the past few hours, however, 22 Isis terrorists have been arrested in two coordinated operations of the SDF and Inherent Resolve between Deir Ezzor and Hasaka. One saw the Zeiban area as protagonist (seven captured) and the other that of Aldaisha (15). IS jihadists were responsible for several attacks both against the Arab-Kurdish forces and against the population. Not surprisingly, it was the local inhabitants who allowed the raids, providing the military with information on the location and movements of the militiamen. The operation, however, follows another, which took place in recent days and which led to the capture of 19 fundamentalists between Dashisha and Suwar. In that case too, these were two cells operating in eastern Syria.

Photo Credits: SDF

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