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Syria, ISIS attempts to attack the SDF headquarters in Raqqa

Isis tries in vain to attack the SDF headquarters in Raqqa. Jazeera Storm blocks the jihadists who blow themselves up. The Islamic State in Syria increasingly resembles the anti-government guerrilla in Iraq, which operated in the Sunni Triangle

Isis fails a surprise attack on the SDF headquarters in Raqqa. An Islamic State militia commando tried to attack a Jazeera Storm facility in the city, but was rejected. At that point the jihadists blew themselves up, causing deaths and injuries among the population. The action was an attempt at revenge against Syrian fighters, following the total defeat suffered of Daesh at Deir Ezzor. The assailants, in fact, even if they had conquered the building, would not have lasted long before being eliminated. Rather, IS is increasingly approaching the jihadist anti-government guerrilla warfare in Iraq, which operated mainly in the Sunni Triangle from 2003 to 2011. The terrorists launched complex attacks and had no qualms about targeting the population and other soft targets little protected to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, on Ramadi tons of leaflets with a bounty of $25 million are launched on Al-Baghdadi. The Caliph could still be alive and hide, along with the Daesh refugees from Syria, in the Hadr desert

Meanwhile, a new manhunt has started in Iraq. This time directly against Isis leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Planes have dropped many leaflets on the Ramadi area that have the Caliph as their object. Inside there is a bounty of $25 million for those who will provide useful information for the capture of the founder of the Islamic State. It is the first time that such an operation has been carried out in the Middle Eastern country. A sign that he may still be alive. The area in which it occurred is also significant. The terrorist, in fact, could be hidden in the Hadr desert between Anbar and Nineveh, where in recent months thousands of Daesh jihadists have converged after escaping from the battlefields of the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) in Syria.

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