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Syria, Isis approaches the Al-Hol camp at Deir Ezzor


Isis points the Al-Hol camp in Deir Ezzor. The Islamic State militiamen want to free their comrades, but the security of the SDF for now holds

Isis in the East of Syria points to the camp of Al-Hol, where about 12,000 militiamen and 80,000 members of their families are imprisoned. The jihadists of the Islamic State, as was to be expected, are trying to take advantage of the fact that the SDF is concentrated in the north to repel the offensive of Turkey. As a result, they have increased attacks on Deir Ezzor and Hasaka. Both against the forces of Jazeera Storm and the population. The first objective is to free their comrades. Subsequently, the group will try to expand and reunite with the Daesh refugees in the desert of Badia Al-Sham. Not surprisingly, Al-Hol is targeted by two axes. From the outside with attempts at approaching and from the inside with continuous riots, organized above all in the “foreigners” area of ​​the structure. Until now, however, security has been maintained and long-range patrols to prevent blitzes has also been strengthened.

Iraq strengthens security along the borders with Syria, especially in the northwest. Baghdad fears that thanks to the ongoing Turkish offensive, Daesh figures will try to infiltrate en masse in the country

The hypothesis that Isis could rise again and increase the level of threat worries Iraq in the first place, which has reinforced security along the borders with Syria. Baghdad in recent days has sent reinforcements to prevent possible attempts of mass infiltration. In the south, in fact, for the moment the SDF are able to maintain a high level of pressure on the Islamic State. As a result, there are no immediate dangers. However, in the north-east the situation is different. The ongoing Turkish offensive forces Kurdish forces to focus their attention on Ankara’s troops. Thus, the Daesh militiamen have greater freedom of movement. Added to this is that almost all SDF prisons, from which the fundamentalists of the IS fled thanks to the bombing of the TAF, are in the area and that, further south, there are strong garrisons of Jazeera Storm.

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