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Syria, Isis also loses Ulayat and the final offensive in Susah begins

Syria, Isis Also Loses Ulayat And The Final Offensive In Susah Begins

The SDF have chased Isis from Ulayat and have arrived to Susah. Jazeera Storm begins the final offensive against the Islamic State in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV)

Isis in Deir Ezzor also lost Ulayat (Al-Ulay’at). Operation Round Up SDF (Jazeera Storm) have driven the Islamic State from the area in less than 48 hours of battle. Furthermore, they have reached the last great Daesh stronghold in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV): Susah. In fact, the great offensive in the city, under siege since some time, has begun. Syrian fighters are attacking it from two axes: north and east. The jihadists have barricaded themselves inside and violent clashes are in progress in the suburbs. At the same time, the International Coalition is bombing militia posts, in order to break their lines of external defense and allow the Arab-Kurdish forces to penetrate them. It seems, however, that also the Sand Hippos are participating in the maneuvers. The mysterious group that for months sows terror in the IS ranks, nicknamed The “ghosts”, have infiltrated enemy territory and are hitting fundamentalists from within.

Meanwhile, the manhunt against the fugitive Daesh continues. They are above all foreign fighters, who try to leave the Syrian province

Meanwhile, other units of the SDF continue the hunt for the fugitives and sleeping cells in Deir Ezzor. In the past few hours, a shelter / warehouse of the Islamic State in Sha’Fah, which also contained arms and ammunition, was destroyed. In addition, other Daesh militiamen were captured trying to leave the Syrian province. These are foreign fighters, who probably wanted to return home. These, like the previous ones arrested by Jazeera Storm, had mixed up among the population, hoping to go unnoticed. The Arab-Kurdish forces, however, tightened the checks on the displaced. And, thanks also to the help of the local inhabitants who have provided them with valuable information, they manage to intercept them. This, despite the large number of people passing through the area every day to reach safe places.

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