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Syria, Isis again attacks the SAA and Russian forces in Badia al-Sham

Isis raises its head again against the Syrian army (SAA) and Russia in the Badia al-Sham desert. The offensive by the terrorists east of Deir Ezzor will continue

Isis still attacks the Syrian army (SAA) and Russian contractors in the Badia al-Sham desert. A group of IS militiamen attempted a raid on the Doubayat gas field in Homs, but was pushed back by local forces. The offensive follows in a few days an ambush that the jihadists set against the soldiers of Damascus, while they were engaged in an operation east of Deir Ezzor. The toll was of many dead and missing in the ranks of the SAA. Moreover, analysts had warned that surprise attacks by terrorists would continue. Above all thanks to the fact that these have mobile command centers, which allow them to coordinate continuous actions at a distance from the strongholds and constantly moving to reduce the risks of being identified. In fact, it is expected that there will be new raids in the quadrant soon.

Meanwhile, Ankara’s forces capture the Daesh “emir” in Turkey, Mahmut Ozden

Meanwhile, the Ankara security forces have captured what they believe is the leader of Isis in Turkey: Mahmut Ozden. The jihadist commander was called the “Emir of Adana”, the city where he was arrested. The confirmation comes from Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who added on Twitter that important documents were also found, including some that predicted the kidnapping of local politicians who were then supposed to be transferred to Syria. The man was found thanks to the capture of one of his militiamen on 25 August, while planning an attack in Istanbul. Information was also found on his computer, and he appears to be receiving orders from Iraq and Syria. The leader, however, had already been arrested several times since 2017, but always released. In one of the cases, the police believed he was planning an attack on the Incirlik air base, where international forces also operate.

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