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Syria, is Turkey raising the bar in Idlib to provoke Damascus?

Is Turkey raising the bar in Idlib to provoke Damascus? Surprise patrol south of the M4 all the way north of Latakia. Meanwhile, the bombing of Ain Issa in Kurdistan continues

Is Turkey raising the bar in Idlib to provoke Damascus? After receiving large reinforcements in Zawiya, the TAF carried out a patrol on the section of M4 south of the province. The convoy left from the village of Trenbah, near Saraqeb, and headed for the Ain Hour region north of Latakia. The route passes near Barah, a city where an offensive by the Syrian army (SAA) is underway, but there are currently no reports of incidents. A few hours before the soldiers left, however, there was an explosion on the highway, which damaged the Nahel bridge (aka Khashab). The troops of Ankara, however, have also decided to carry on the activity, sending in advance specialized assets to detect any threats. In parallel, the TAF and allied militias have begun to bomb the Ain Issa area in Kurdistan again, and in particular the villages of Dibis, Hoshan and al-Khalidiye.

The Syrian army (SAA), on the other hand, is still the target of Isis. New ambushes and IS raids against SAA convoys and posts in the Badia desert

Further south, in the Badia al-Sham desert between Hama and Deir Ezzor, the Syrian army has suffered a new wave of Isis attacks. In the last 48 hours, at least 19 soldiers and 14 IS militiamen have lost their lives in various clashes. In addition, there are several injuries, some of which are very serious. Damascus, despite repeated operations in the quadrant even with the support of Russia, is unable to eliminate the pockets of the jihadists. These, in fact, continue to ambush military convoys and to assault SAA outposts as far as Aleppo. The attacks are coordinated by mobile command centers and have a specific goal: to maintain control of the territory and freedom of movement at all costs, eliminating anyone who threatens them.

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