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Syria, is something moving against Isis at Hajin? Leaflets dropped on the city

There could soon be important new developments in the fight against Isis at Deir Ezzor, and in particular at Hajin. Leaflets dropped on the city. Is this a prelude of an imminent mass attack of the Operation Round Up?

There could soon be important new developments in the fight against Isis at Deir Ezzor. In the past hours numerous leaflets were dropped on Hajin against the Islamic State. A sign that soon there could be a ground offensive from SDF on a large scale. The forces of the Operation Round Up in these hours are fighting Daesh in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV), close to the border between Syria and Iraq. The Arab-Kurdish troops, however, continue to keep pressing also on the city in the south of the province. Therefore, it cannot be excluded – as it has already happened many times in the past – that they could launch a mass surprise attack against the jihadists. These, although barricaded in the stronghold, are now tired and short of resources. Moreover, they are demotivated and in very low spirits for the growing internal fighting and the mass escapes of their comrades.

The army if Damascus (SAA) advances against the Islamic State in the Badiya desert (Badia) and at Suweida. The only safe area left in Syria, for now, for Daesh is Tasil

Also the Syrian army (SAA) is advancing against Isis in the Badiya desert (Badia) west of the Euphrates. The soldiers have managed to chase the militiamen of the Islamic State out of a part of the territory in the area south of their pocket of resistance, reducing it further and increasing its distance from the border between Deir-Ezzor and Iraq. Moreover, they have divided in two the area controlled by Daesh at Suweida, conquering Khirbat Hawi Husayn. In this way it will be easier to isolate the jihadists and eliminate them definitely. At this point, the only safe place left in Syria for the fundamentalists is the area of Tasil, in the province of Daraa. Although, also here, only temporarily, because Damascus is preparing to launch an offensive on large scale also in the quadrant and Jordan and Israel have sealed off their borders. As a consequence, as soon as the maneuvers will start, IS will be crushed between two fires.

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