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Syria, is ISIS trying to exploit protests in Deir Ezzor to fuel chaos?

Syria, Is ISIS Trying To Exploit Protests In Deir Ezzor To Fuel Chaos?

Is Isis trying to exploit protests in Deir Ezzor to fuel chaos in eastern Syria? The SDFs arrest four militants of the Islamic State and find the same banners as the demonstrators. Has Daesh initiated social psychological manipulation?

Is Isis trying to exploit the protests in Deir Ezzor against the SDFs to fuel chaos in eastern Syria? The forces of Jazeera Storm in the past few hours have arrested four militiamen of the Islamic State in Jarzi and in the search – in addition to weapons and explosives – they found some banners, identical to those used by the demonstrators in recent days in different areas of the province. According to ANHA, even the text leaves no doubt. One calls for the release of all detainees, women first and foremost, from Arab-Kurdish detention camps. In another, they ask where is the fuel needed by the population. It seems, however, that it was not the first case of political material found among the jihadists. The discovery suggests that Daesh is changing strategy in the quadrant. And that is that the attacks and targeted killings have also been accompanied by activities of social psychological manipulation.

Isis, however, loses another commander: Jazeera Storm arrests Talal Shneir (aka Abu Hammam), near the leaders of the Islamic State. The operational capacity of Daesh is reduced throughout eastern Syria

Meanwhile, however, Isis loses another ninety piece. The SDF, in a joint operation with the Global Coalition in Selok, arrested Talal Shneir (aka Abu Hammam). The man was an important commander of the Islamic State, responsible for murders and extortion, which had close ties with the leaders of the group. According to Jazeera Storm, his capture further limits Daesh’s operational capacity not only in Deir Ezzor, but also throughout eastern Syria. The blitz is part of the campaign of manhunts towards the militia, undertaken by the Arab-Kurd forces in the region, currently in full swing. The goal is to block the trend of jihadist attacks, especially against the population, and prevent the reorganization of the group.

Photo Credits: ANHA

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