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Syria-Iraq, SDF-ISF operation underway against ISIS facilitators on the border

SDF and ISF operation in Syria and Iraq to destroy the Isis logistics network, which feeds the flow of jihadists between the two countries

The SDF and the ISF have launched a joint operation in Syria and Iraq to dismantle the Isis cells moving between the two countries. Kurdish forces have closed the circle on a group of Islamic State jihadists in Abu Kamal, while the Eighth Intelligence Division of the Baghdad army arrested 14 militants in Qaim. These provided information and logistical support to Daesh terrorists in the desert. Especially to those who have just arrived from the neighbouring nation. The goal is to destroy the network of IS facilitators who work to transfer the fleeing fundamentalists and place them in safe areas. Some of these then served to carry out attacks locally. Others, however, are been sent to other places to strengthen the cells already present in the two states.

The Ankara offensive in Syria has allowed over a thousand Islamic State militiamen to escape from SDF prisons. Daesh fugitives try to reach either Turkey or Iraq

Striking the logistics network between Iraq and Syria is essential to reduce Isis’ operational capacity. Especially after the recent TAF offensive in the second country has allowed over a thousand jihadists to escape from SDF prisons. Some of these headed for Turkey. This is confirmed by the recent arrests of members of the Islamic State by the Ankara security forces. The latest occurred just a few hours ago and saw seven women from Daesh handing themselves over to the Cilvegozu border crossing, after fleeing the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka. Others, however, point south to try to get to Qaim. Here, as the Kurdish-ISF operation shows, there is a dense logistics network that helps them hide and then move safely inside Iraq.

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