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Syria/Iraq, anti-ISIS operations resume at full speed

Anti-ISIS operations are resuming in full swing in Iraq and Syria. The SDF, with the support of the International Coalition, have resumed hunting down the Islamic State cells from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor, passing through Hasaka

In Syria and Iraq the anti-ISIS operations of the SDF, ISF and the International Coalition resume at full speed. In the first country the Arab-Kurdish forces announced that they had restarted the manhunts towards the militiamen of the Islamic State, from Deir Ezzor to Raqqa, passing through Hasaka. By the way, they did know that the maneuvers could be reduced in the future. “It will depend on developments on the ground.” To confirm this, a Daesh cell that planned attacks on fighters and the population was dismantled in Raqqa. Furthermore, vigilance has also increased along the Al-Shaddadi Road, that runs along the Euphrates and leads to the north-east. This is IS’s preferred route into the region. The jihadists infiltrate the triangle between Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban, and then proceed to safe houses.

In Iraq, the ISF monitor the borders with Syria to block militia infiltration attempts and monitor demonstrations against possible Daesh attacks

In Iraq, instead, Inherent Resolve has bombed several ISIS stations in the Kirkuk area. In particular, raids against the Islamic State took place in the districts of Dubiz and Pirde, causing the death of numerous jihadists. Furthermore, some hiding places and tunnel networks have been destroyed. The ISF, meanwhile, despite being concentrated mainly in managing anti-government demonstrations in various cities of the country, carefully monitor the northwest and west borders with Syria to prevent Daesh infiltration. It is feared, in fact, that the militants who fled from SDF prisons thanks to the Turkish offensive, may try to cross them to reunite with their companions in the al-Hadar desert. As a result, ground and aerial surveillance of the entire quadrant was strengthened. Furthermore, there is great attention in the inhabited centers to avoid possible IS attacks or infiltration attempts during the protests.

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