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Syria, Iran now focuses on children to strengthen the influence

Iran is now focusing on children to strengthen its influence and presence in Syria. Farsi courses for young students started in Deir Ezzor. The most deserving will receive a substantial prize. Same strategy for local recruiting in pro-Tehran militias

Iran is still evolving its strategy to strengthen its presence and influence in Syria, focusing on children. The “cultural centers” of the Shiite Republic, recently opened in Deir Ezzor, have begun to hold Farsi courses for youngsters. The initiative is called Bara’em al-Atfal “and to entice enrollments, a very rich prize was offered: one million Syrian pounds (about 800 dollars) for each young pupil who will pass the language exam with one excellent vote. A similar strategy was used to recruit local members into Shia militias: high wages and benefits such as free treatment. Further north, on the other hand, Tehran is focusing more on a greater “military” presence through allied groups, to which it is providing resources and funding. In addition, new bases are being built, located near the Russian and the Damascus Army (SAA) bases to reduce the risk of being attacked by Israel.

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