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Syria, internal war in Idlib between HTS and rival militias continues

Internal warfare continues in Idlib between HTS and rival militias. Attack on the Al-Faoua city council, controlled by the Qaedists. This is the response to the campaign of arrests of the leaders of Huras al-Din

New chapter in the internal war between pro-Turkey militias in Idlib: in the past few hours there has been an attack on the Al-Foua city council, a city in the east of the Syrian province, controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). In all likelihood, it is a direct message to HTS from the “rebel jihadists”, after the Qaedist group launched a new campaign of arrests against the leaders of Huras al-Din and other rival formations to regain control in the area and credibility. The recent wave of attacks on the TAF and the militiamen themselves was a severe blow to them. Ankara, in fact, is losing faith in its local ally and has begun to reduce funding and aid. The confirmation, in addition to the movements of the Turkish troops, also comes from the new taxes and the doubling of the existing ones, which HTS imposed on the shops of the quadrant in order to fill the gap.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is weak today and rival militias try to use the moment to fuel Ankara’s distrust and reopen the game for control of Idlib

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) attempted to react with massive searches and by imposing new stricter rules for the population in Idlib. Furthermore, the arrests of the “traitors” have begun. However, this did not help. Attacks against TAFs and militiamen continue on an almost daily basis. The rival groups, in fact, perceive the weakness of HTS and are trying to take advantage of it to raise their heads. The strategy is simple: strike with targeted actions in Idlib, which are small in nature and present few risks, which however fuel the distrust on the part of Turkey. If Ankara removes support for the Qaedist formation, then the game for control of the Syrian province will reopen.

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