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Syria, internal war between pro-Turkey militias intensifies

The internal war between the pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria intensifies. Clashes in the Sultan Murad Division in Aleppo: the fighters are increasingly nervous

The internal war between the pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria intensifies. The latest episode took place a few hours ago and involved members of the Sultan Murad Division. They clashed with each other at a base in Al-Ra’i, in Aleppo near the border, but it is not clear what the cause was. Only on Friday, the same formation suffered an attack in Tel Al-Hawa. The group is very close to Ankara, so much so that it has sent several fighters to Libya to support Fayez Sarraj’s GNA against Khalifa Haftar’s LNA. It is the antagonist of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), but it enjoys the protection of the TAF and is therefore untouchable. Inside, however, some nervousness has recently begun. This is due to the reduction in Turkish aid, which is creating various problems, primarily on the security side, and the increase in tensions with other groups between Aleppo and Idlib.

To the East, SDF and Inherent Resolve target the facilitators of the Islamic State with new operations and targeted patrols on the border with Iraq and Turkey

In the east, however, the SDF and Inherent Resolve continue to target the logistics and support networks of the Islamic State. In recent days there has been yet another raid by Kurdish forces in Shahil, in Deir Ezzor near the Euphrates. The toll was of two IS jihadists captured, on which no further details were provided. Probably, however, they are part of a cell of facilitators, which operated in the area. In parallel, there have been some targeted Coalition patrols in Hasaka. The international military operated in the Deir Al-Ghosn (Derna Aghi) quadrant in Alyan, near the border between Turkey and Syria, entering from Iraq. Objective: to monitor the militia smuggling routes between the three countries to identify possible suspicious movements.

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