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Syria, in the Islamic State there is an internal war for the funds management

In the Islamic State in Syria there is an internal war for the management of funds. Several pro-ISIS jihadist commanders were executed by comrades. Meanwhile, the Sand Hippos reappear in Deir Ezzor

The Islamic State in Syria is experiencing an internal war for the management of funds and the territory, which is also causing casualties among the commanders. Over the past month, several local leaders of pro-ISIS jihadists have been summarily executed by their comrades. The last one, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), was found by the population among the villages of Mashikh w Al-Takihy north of Deir Ezzor. In fact, the militiamen are increasingly nervous because there is someone who has been silently eliminating the heads of logistics and lenders for some time. As a result, many situations of chaos have arisen in the distribution of money acquired through zakat, extortion and smuggling. According to Syrian sources there are strong suspicions that the targeted killings are the work of the Sand Hippos, a mysterious group that has been operating for years in the east of the Middle Eastern country to hunt down IS.

Who are these mysterious “ghosts”

The Sand Hippos, according to military sources, are a secret unit of which very little is known. The nationality, its composition and its mission are unknown. The Syrian population has nicknamed them the “ghosts” for their ability to appear behind the enemy lines and disappear suddenly. From what has emerged so far about their activities, however, the hunt for pro-ISIS jihadists is not their only goal. They also monitor pro-Iran militias, Wagner’s Russian contractors and Turkish operations to the north. The only certain thing about the group is that it is not part of Inherent Resolve or the SDF. In several cases, in fact, it seems that the Sand Hippos have carried out attacks in areas far from those in which the Kurdish forces and the Coalition operate.

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