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Syria, Idlib militias will train in Turkey

Idlib militias will train in Turkey. Ankara will hold in-house courses for the “special forces” of the Syrian guerrillas allied to the TAF, presumably members of HTS. The move also serves to ease tensions with the population

Turkey trains the “special forces” of the allied militias in northern Syria in house. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) denounced this, underlining that the course began on January 17 in the Idlib area and that subsequently the recruits will be transferred to the neighboring country to continue training. There is talk of a number between 450 and 900 fighters, whose groups they belong to have not been disclosed. Local sources, however, believe they may be men from Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (HTS) and satellite formations. These, however, would also have been transferred to Turkey for another reason: relations between the local population and HTS are increasingly tense. This follows the continuous robberies and violations by guerrillas, as well as the increasingly stringent limitations deriving from sudden military exercises or new checkpoints in the quadrant.

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