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Syria, Idlib militias try to put the M4 “in the dark”

Syria, Idlib Militias Try To Put The M4 “in The Dark”

New militia disturbing actions in Idlib. A group, probably linked to HTS, is removing the telephone and electrical pylons on the highway. Objective: to hinder Turkey-Russia joint patrols and the SAA offensive

New disturbing actions of militias in Idlib against Turkey and Damascus. In the past few hours, a rebel group, allegedly belonging to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), has begun to remove the telephone and electricity pylons on the M4. The goal: to make joint TAF patrols with Russia on the highway more difficult, as well as the imminent offensive of the national army (SAA), creating inconvenience to enemy forces deployed in the area. The action adds to the increase in blocks on the entire road section in the Syrian province and to support the local population against the arrival of foreign convoys. It is no coincidence that there are interruptions in the dial telephone and internet connections, as well as some blackouts. However, according to analysts, the situation could worsen even further.

According to several sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is prevailing against rivals of Faylaq Al-Sham in the Syrian province. This is due to the hostility over the foreign military presence in the area. Meanwhile, the war continues between the Wahhabi group and the one linked to the Muslim Brotherhood

In the last few days a sort of war has broken out among the militias in Idlib, with mutual arrests of members of the rival group. The inhabitants of the Syrian province, however, seem to have sided with HTS, which has much tougher positions than the National Liberation Front (Faylaq Al-Sham) on the presence of the enemy (Turkish and Russian troops) in the governorate and on the M4 . The latter, an ally of Ankara, also attempted to mediate with local tribal leaders to allow the passage of foreign convoys. As a result, his weight has dropped in favor of the opponent. Add to this that probably in the former Nusra Front there has been a recent reunification between the pragmatic wing of the group and the dogmatic one, in which the latter has returned to command everyone. As a result, frictions have increased with Faylaq al-Sham, closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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