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Syria, Hurras al-Din responds to HTS’s arrests campaign in Idlib

Hurras al-Din responds to HTS’s arrests campaign in Idlib. At least two IEDs explode as vehicles from the Qaedist group pass by. The escalation of the internal war between pro-Turkey militias continues

Hurras al-Din’s response to the arrest campaign launched by Hyahat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib was not long in coming. In the past few hours at least two IEDs have exploded when some vehicles of the Qaedist group pass through the Syrian province. No one claimed responsibility for the attacks, but according to local sources it is the work of the Guardians of Religion seeking revenge. This, following the fact that several of their leaders were recently imprisoned by HTS as part of a bogus anti-terrorism operation. Moreover, the campaign is still ongoing throughout the quadrant. These latest episodes confirm that the internal war between pro-Turkish militias in the north of the Middle Eastern country is escalating towards unpredictable developments. Especially following the fact that Ankara has recently significantly slackened support for its local allies.

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