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Syria, HTS loses its propaganda branch in Idlib

HTS loses its propaganda branch in Idlib. SAA and Russia eliminate spokesman and head of the media of the pro-Turkey group. Moreover, in a delicate moment, due to the escalation of the internal war between militias in northern Syria

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) suffered a severe blow in Idlib, following a double campaign of attacks. On the one hand, there was an intense launch of missiles by the Syrian army (SAA) and on the other 15 Russian strikes. Objectives: the positions of the Allied Qaedist group of Turkey in Zawiya, al-Futairah, al-Muzrah and Kafr Aweed. The death toll was at least a dozen, including members of Suqor al-Sham and HTS. Among them are the spokesman for the military training area, Abu Khaled al-Shamy, and the media coordinator, Abu Mosa’ab. In fact, the jihadists have almost completely lost their propaganda branch. This could be very dangerous for them, as it happened at a very delicate moment, which sees the escalation of the internal war between the pro-Ankara militias grow and above all the means of “soft” persuasion are needed to prevent this from becoming uncontrollable.


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