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Syria, HTS launches a bogus anti-terrorism operation in Idlib

HTS launches a bogus anti-terrorism operation in Idlib. Objective: to annihilate rival pro-Turkish militias. In particular, Hurras Al-Din. Eleven arrests already, some of them excellent

Hayar Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) launches a bogus anti-terrorism campaign in Idlib, formally aimed at countering security threats in the Syrian province. In reality, however, it aims to arrest the leaders of rival pro-Turkey militias, who are trying to gain weight by exploiting the weakness of HTS for failing to satisfy Ankara’s demands. In particular, that of protecting the TAF in the quadrant from attacks. Units of the Qaedist group have arrested a commander of Hurras Al-Din along with his family and are hunting for other members of the formation. The “cleansing” operation began in recent days and has already led to the capture of eleven jihadists and “competing” officials, including a judge for Sharia law. This is the latest chapter of the internal war between militias in the north of the Middle Eastern country, which continues to escalate.

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