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Syria, HTS is raising money on the population to recover the cut in aid from Turkey

HTS makes money on the population to recover the cut in aid from Turkey. Fifth increase in fuel prices in Idlib in two weeks. Objective: to pay the wages to the fighters, before they rebel

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) tries to raise money on the population in Idlib to recover funds after Turkey cutted the aids. The oil companies affiliated with the Qaedist group, in fact, have suddenly raised fuel prices, sparking protests from local inhabitants. Moreover, it is the fifth time that prices have been revised upwards in just 14 days. This was formally motivated by changes in the exchange rates between the US dollar and the Turkish lira. In reality, the formation begins to have difficulty paying the wages of its fighters and fears that, in cases of delay, discontent can grow and cause problems. Especially since many of the other groups that entered the HTS galaxy did so under duress. Furthermore, an internal war is already underway to grab the few resources that the mother formation distributes to the various Syrian factions.

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