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Syria, HTS decrees an amnesty to gain consensus among the population

HTS decrees an amnesty to gain consensus among the population. The measure, however, doesn’t concern political prisoners and opponents, alleged ex “ISIS terrorists”. Local inhabitants protest in the streets of Idlib

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) tries to gain support among the population in northern Syria by decreeing an amnesty for the prisoners. These will be released as long as they have a certificate of good conduct. Those serving a final sentence will be pardoned in full, while those awaiting trial will have a penalty discount of half the sentence. Also cleared the deposits under $ 500 and halved the higher ones. The measure, however, was a boomerang for the pro-Turkey militia. The population in Idlib, in fact, took to the streets to protest, as the amnesty was aimed only at ordinary prisoners and not political ones, including activists, journalists and members of rival factions. In addition, there is the chapter of civilian opponents arrested on the pretext of belonging to the former ISIS or supporting the group. Not even they will be able to enjoy the pardon.

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