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Syria, HTS could join the TAF or SNA in Idlib

HTS could merge with TAF or SNA in Idlib. In this way Turkey would control the front line and the SAA could no longer attack without violating the truce. The option, however, is unlikely to have Russia’s okay

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) militiamen in Idlib could be absorbed into the Turkish TAF or the Syrian National Army (SNA). Local sources point out, explaining that in this way Ankara would take control of the front line in the Syrian province, making it very difficult for the Damascus army (SAA) to launch offensives. To do so, in fact, would contravene the truce signed with the mediation of Russia. At the moment, however, there is no official information about it or comments from HTS or Moscow. The motivation for this decision would be linked to the growing weakness of the Qaedist group, which is no longer believed to be able to manage the siege of the SAA. The option, however, seems difficult especially for an almost certain opposition from Russia, which considers HTS a radical group to be eliminated and which continues to support the need for control of the M4 to fall under the control of the Syrian government.

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