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Syria: Hezbollah, with the excuse of Isis, recruits 600 militiamen in Deir Ezzor

Hezbollah, with the excuse of fighting Isis, recruits 600 militiamen in Deir Ezzor. The initiative joins a similar initiative by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to create a “Local Defense”. Tehran seeks to strengthen influence in the area

Hezbollah initiated a process of recruiting 600 new members in Deir Ezzor. The salary of each militiaman will vary between 75,000 and 110,000 Syrian pounds (SYP), that is, between 125 and 183 euros, depending on the assignment. Those who fight on the front line, of course, will earn more than administrative officials. The initiative follows a similar one a week ago, launched by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to create “Local Defense”. In both cases, the formal objective is to strengthen the Damascus military contingent in the quadrant and help the army (SAA) fight Isis in the nearby Badia al-Sham desert. In reality, however, Tehran aims to extend its influence in the east of the country and to monitor the behavior of international forces beyond the Euphrates. Hoping there is less risk of reprisals from Israel, as the new recruits will be local fighters and not foreigners.

Meanwhile, Damascus is sending further reinforcements to the Syrian army (SAA) in the province. Objective: a maxi operation to end the ambushes and IS attacks in the Badia al-Sham desert

In recent days, in fact, Damascus has sent new reinforcements to Deir Ezzor. These are men, weapons, ammunition and vehicles from the al-Baqir and al-Quds brigades. The goal is to launch a maxi operation in Badia al-Sham to put an end to the constant ambushes of Isis and to destroy the IS pockets in the desert region. Russia also participates in the maneuvers, and in recent days has set up checkpoints on the road to the Syrian capital, allowing the traffic of military vehicles only. The change of pace was necessary after all the efforts made so far to neutralize the jihadists and stem their attacks have proved in vain. Not surprisingly, clashes continue between soldiers and terrorists, the last of which was only a few hours ago on the outskirts of Al-Shula.

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