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Syria, has Turkey launched an offensive against the SDF in Hasaka?

Has Turkey launched an offensive against the SDF in Hasaka? Massive maneuvers are underway in the area, starting with air raids and bombings, then developing with a land invasion in Kurdistan. Ongoing battle in Tel Tamar

Turkey has launched what appears to be a veritable offensive against the SDF north of Hasaka. Before, the TAF carried out some air raids and bombings on Abu Raseen (Zarkan), Tel-Shnan, Tel-Tawila, Tel-Karabit, Tel Jum’a and Umm al-Keif caused. Then, there has been the land invasion by the TAF and allied militias began. In particular, in the Tel Tamar area. At the moment a violent battle is underway, which has been going on for a day and shows no sign of ending, despite the defenses of the Kurdish forces are holding up. Ankara had repeatedly announced an imminent military operation in the quadrant, bringing together numerous assets of the allied guerrillas in the Syrian province. The excuse was alleged threats to his national security, mainly from elements of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) who are said to operate in the area. In fact, Turkey seeks to expand within Kurdistan and is targeting the rich oil fields in the area.

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