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Syria, growing signals on a possible new Peace Spring for Turkey

Growing signals on a possible new Peace Spring for Turkey in Syria. Ankara amasses forces on the borders of Raqqa and Hasaka. In addition, it holds exercises with allied militias and increases the pressure of artillery against the Kurds

There are increasingly worrying signs that Turkey will launch a new military operation in Syria along the lines of Peace Spring. Ankara sent new reinforcements south of Aleppo, on the border with Raqqa, and the TAF carried out an exercise together with allied militias in the north of Hasaka. Meanwhile, Turkish artillery bombings have increased throughout the quadrant. It is therefore feared that Ankara is amassing forces for a large-scale ground invasion and that in anticipation it is trying to weaken Kurdish defenses. On the other hand, President Recep Tayyp Erdogan had recently announced imminent maneuvers to enlarge the “buffer zone” on the border between the two countries. Russia, at least so far, has blocked any attempt to do so, as it does not want a war to break out between its partners and on strategic territory for the campaign in Ukraine. The situation, however, is rapidly deteriorating.

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