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Syria getting ready for a total war, a Third World War

In Syria things are getting ready for a total war, which will start from the naval and air side and could soon become global

In Syria they are preparing what looks like an all-out naval-air war which could in short become worldwide. On one side there is Damascus with Russia and Iran. And probably helped by China in the sea. On the other, Usa with France and United Kingdom. Especially after Paris confirmed that Assad regime is responsible for the gas attack. With external support of Israel, which has placed its anti-missiles defense system Iron Dome on the Golan Heights and has put on high alert its Air Force and army. It remains to be understood, however, who will Turkey side with. As enemies of the United States, but also of Bashar Assad. In the middle there is Donald Trump and his decision which he is preparing to announce, in response to the gas attacks on Douma (Ghouta), attributed to the pro-Assad regime. Meanwhile, the seas and skies of Syria and of its nearby are extremely busy with continuing maneuvers of the structure of the two blocks.

The conflict between the two blocks is already in progress on the social media

In Syria neither is a back and forth dialogue through social media between the heads of the two blocks missing. The first led by Usa, through Trump, twitters: “Russia swears it will bring dawn all the missiles launched against Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will arrive and will be beautiful, new and ‘intelligent’. You should not have allied with an animal who enjoys killing with gas his own people!” The reply comes from Maria Zakharova, the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She replies on Facebook: “The so called ‘intelligent’ missiles should fly against terrorists and not against the legitimate government if Syria, which has been fighting for many years International terrorism on its own territory. The whole idea is to rapidly remove all traces of the provocation, so that the Opec international inspectors will have nothing to find in terms of evidence.” From the Usa general Mattis is more cautious. However on the table the options are all still there.

From cyber to PGM, as announced by Trump through twitter

On the other hand, General James Mattis, US Defense Secretary, is more cautious. Concerning the military option as an American response to Syria, he explained that the Pentagon is “ready”. However, the FBI must complete the ongoing investigations first. However, the possibility of an alternative action still stands. The cyber option. It cannot be excluded that Syria could be hit by a series of cyber attacks. These would eliminate the risk of collateral damage (victims among civilians) and would guarantee an excellent chance of success, as American hackers have already been long since infiltrated in the central network of the middle eastern country. Another element to be taken into consideration is the one of “smart missiles” , mentioned by Trump. They could be
PGM capable if entering the ground in-depth, and there capable of hitting secret and hidden Syrian objectives.

The Trump Tweet on “smart missile”

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