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Syria, french ISIS terrorist Émilie König reveals the truth on SDF tortures

Syria, French ISIS Terrorist Émilie König Reveals The Truth On SDF Tortures


Émilie König, the french female ISIS terrorist most wanted of the world, tells her story during an interrogation

Here is the story of Émilie König, the female french ISIS terrorist most wanted of the world, recently captured by the SDF. She told herself interrogated by the kurd led forces, as a video shows. In the recording the young Daesh jihadist, the first woman to be included in the US list of international terrorists, gives her name and specifies that she was born in France in 1984. When asked how did she enter the Islamic State, she explains that she met Ibrahim, her husband, through internet. She specified that they decided to get married after having seen each other on Skype. She left for Syria by plane from Paris to Istanbul, where she spent one night according to her story. The following day she went to Anteb, in the south east of Turkey. Later to Kilis and crossed the border at Bab al-Salama in the direction of Azzaz.

The jihadist: after i was csptured by SDF i was interrogated only once, afterwards i had just several pictures and finger prints taken

The french isis jihadist is referring to her capture by the SDF, which happened in the village of Chaddade, in the sirian province of Hasaka last December. She responds to her mother’s accusations that the kurd fighters tortured her. In this regard,  Émilie König, says “after having been arrested by the YPG i was taken to the refugee camp of Hol, where i was given humanitarian help. A bed, sheets, blankets, food and all i needed” added the Dahesh militant. About the alleged violences, she continues: “i heard some women say that the YPG torture and beat prisoners. In my case, i was only interrogated, a few pictures and finger prints taken. In all this took just one or two hours. I was given shelter and i did not suffer from any kind of torture” underlined the member of the Islamic State

The ISIS militant: i found a phone and called my mother. I told her that there were rumors of cases of torture and harassment, not that this had happened to me. And however i never witnessed any

Émilie König continues her story on the period after ISIS and after her capture explaining that, “when i was told that i was going to be moved to another camp, i was very scared. I found a phone and called my mother. I told her that i had heard about the existence of torture and harassment – underlined the Daesh member in order to clear the misunderstanding -. I said that i was told that the YPG tortured and beated the prisoners in their camps. I did not assert that this had happened to me. And however i have never witnessed any up to now – confirms the Islamic State jidahist. – i have everything my children and myself need. The investigations carried out by SDF are not different from the trials carried out in France, my country. Although difficult to face, it is normal procedure, only questions and answers”.

Émilie König’s career in Isis upto her capture

Émilie König, after entering ISIS in Syria at age 17, changed her name in Samra. According to several media, once she was heard saying that the niqab was like a second skin. During her stay in the Daesh she became one of the most important recruiters and main character of promotional clips. As s matter if fact in several of these clips she pleaded for an armed jihad. Moreover she was accused of having instigated friends and members of her family to engage in terroristic attacks on French land in the name of the Islamic State.

Part of the video of Émilie König’s interrogatory, published by SDF/YPG, in which she explain the misunderstanding on the alleged tortures by Kurd forces

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