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Syria, France sends troops to Deir Ezzor, in an anti-Daesh key?

Several media report that approximately a hundred French soldiers, with means and heavy weapons, have arrived at Deir Ezzor to help the SDF against Daesh

On social media, there are rumors on the possible presence of French troops at Deir Ezzor. Various websites, among which Arab 21 and Orient, write that the soldiers from Paris have arrived in the Syrian province, together with elements of the SDF. Their base could probably be near the village of Kam Al Atallah, north east of the city of Deir Ez-Zor. Concerning numbers, they are talking of about a hundred elements, equipped with armored vehicles, rocket launchers and mobile radar (Orient News). These could be the counselors who will help the Kurdish troops to chase out Daesh from the area east of the Euphrates, passing through Hajin, Shaddadi and Dashisha. In the meantime, the French militaries will have strengthened their presence in the oil fields of Al-Omar, protecting them from the recurrent attacks of the Islamic State. This, presumably, will become their main base in the quadrant from where they will coordinate their operations in the region.

France, together with USA and UK, with their recent raids against the regime of Assad have confirmed that their interest in increasing their influence in Syria. Their support to the Kurds in the fight against Isis is a perfect opportunity

France, by participating in the recent raids against the regime if Assad, together with USA and UK, has confirmed that it is keen to extend its influence in Syria. The increase of its military presence on the ground, in agreement with the International Coalition, could therefore be for Paris another step in this direction. This also thanks to the support that the transalpine forces will contribute to the new campaign of the SDF against Daesh at Deir Ezzor. Especially after the fact that the Kurds felt that they had been abandoned by the USA after the invasion of Turkey at Afrin and are now looking for a new reliable “sponsor”. Moreover, the most important energetic reserves of the country are in this province. Which is till today controlled by the Kurds. And to be their friends could guarantee them a privileged access in the future.

Meanwhile, at Deir Ezzor, clashes between the Syrian army (SAA) and the Islamic State continue at Mayadeen and Abu Kamal. Furthermore, a drone of the Coalition destroys a Daesh vehicle

Meanwhile at Deir Ezzor clashes between Syrian army (SAA) and Daesh continue in the areas of Mayadeen and Abu kamal (Al Bukamal). The militiamen of the Islamic State have launched new attacks with the SPG9 cannons to try to neutralize the tanks if Damascus. The SAA, instead, bombarded al Shaafa, at the moment controlled by Isis. In this scenario, a drone of the International Coalition destroyed a vehicle of jihadists in the area of Abu al-Hasan. Although it is not known who was inside, presumably it was an important personality of the militiamen. The IS leaders, in fact, are accustomed to move around in the quadrant in small convoys or in civilian vehicles, to avoid attracting the attention of the enemy. Therefore, an isolated raid against a single vehicle means that this was carrying an important target.

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