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Syria, first failed Islamic State ambush against pro-Iran militias

First failed Islamic State ambush against pro-Iran militias in the East. Local groups adopt a new strategy to counter the ex-ISIS attacks against their bases: a rapid reaction force and better information channels

First failed raid by the Islamic State against pro-Iran militias in eastern Syria. A former ISIS jihadist commando targeted a vehicle from Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas, east of Deir Ezzor, with a complex attack. The vehicle was first hit with a rocket as it exited a military post in al-Siyal. Subsequently, there was a fire fight between local terrorists and guerrillas, which culminated in the deaths of two fundamentalists and three fighters, as well as with the escape of the IS group. The outpost, however, had already been attacked in recent days, but from a “distance” and no casualties had been recorded. According to local sources, the pro-Tehran militias have adopted a new strategy to protect their bases. On the one hand, they have set up a rapid reaction force, which intervenes as soon as the event has happened. On the other hand, information channels have been expanded to predict the most imminent threats.

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