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Syria, even the US reacts to the possible Turkey’s offensive

The US is also reacting to Turkey’s possible offensive in Syria. US specialists are looking for areas to build new FOBs to better assist the SDF should Ankara attack Kurdistan

The United States is also reacting in advance against Turkey’s possible new offensive in Syrian Kurdistan. They do so by inspecting some locations in Raqqa, with the aim of opening new Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) in the quadrant. The goal is to have the ability to provide direct and ongoing support to the Kurdish SDF in case the TAF launch the operation. In parallel, the US presence in the area should serve as a deterrent against possible attacks by Turkish forces. Different argument applies to the pro-Ankara militias, not obliged by alliance ties to avoid hitting US installations or personnel. In this regard, once completed, the FOBs will be fortified and equipped with active defenses against possible raids. For the choice of infrastructure, American specialists are looking at some old Damascus army bases (SAA), already partially protected. It is not excluded, however, that new ones will be built. This is to prevent elements of the SAA from knowing their location.

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