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Syria, escalation of the Russian air campaign against HTS in Idlib

Escalation of the Russian air campaign against HTS in Idlib. Strikes increase, but officially there are no casualties. Moscow fighters are targeting leading figures from the Qaedist group, which does not want publicity

Russia’s targeted air campaign against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib intensifies. Moscow fighters have launched a new wave of strikes in Kansafrah, al-Fterah and Ain Larouz (Zawiya). In the previous hours, Barah, Kafrideen, Sheikh Sandiyan (Jisr al-Shughur) and Kabana (Jabal al-Akrad) north of Latakia had been targeted. Officially none of the raids caused any casualties. Local sources, however, believe that the raids were directed against prominent HTS figures throughout the Syrian region and that the Qaedist group does not want to publicize the fact that it is under attack. Moreover, there has been an escalation, as the times between one strike and the next have been reduced, as well as the geographical area involved has been extended.

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