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Syria, Erdogan wants EU and NATO concrete support on Idlib-migrants

Erdogan uses Syria to continue playing on multiple tables simultaneously. Turkey wants EU and NATO concrete support on Idlib and migrants, and presents a list of 10 specific requests

Recep Tayyip Erdogan uses Syria to continue playing on multiple tables simultaneously. After signing a truce with Damascus and freezing the Spring Shield operation at the request of Moscow, the Turkish president flew to Brussels to ask for more support from the EU and NATO “allies”. In particular, the topics at the center of the talks were the offensive by the Syrian army (SAA) and the Federation in Idlib, as well as the issue of migrants stranded on the border between his country and Greece. The president was very clear: “We expect concrete support. The Atlantic Alliance is in a critical period when it needs to clearly show its support.” Ankara also presented a list of 10 requests ranging from greater air support to the Turkish-Syrian border to reconnaissance aircraft and drones, as well as to more ships in the eastern Mediterranean, probably also in an anti-Haftar move.

Ankara, however, continues to send reinforcements to Idlib. Today new meeting with Russia on the buffer zone. Meanwhile, Damascus locks down the western area of ​​Aleppo from the infiltrations of the rebels

Meanwhile, Turkish military convoys continue to arrive in Syria. These enter Idlib via Kafr Loosin and then moved in the province. They should formally reinforce the buffer zone between the two countries. In reality, analysts believe Erdogan is providing logistical support to the rebels and that he is massing troops in case it becomes necessary to reactivate Spring Shield. Today, however, there should be a new meeting between Ankara and Russian envoys to define the details on the operation of the buffer zone along the M5 highway. In parallel, the SAA continues to bomb the area between Hama and Idlib, as well as to attack anti-government militias west of Aleppo. The latest clashes took place in Kafr Kafra. Objective: to prevent them from extending their area of ​​influence to the east, breaking the security cordon around the province, and threatening the city.

Photo Credits: NATO

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