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Syria, double blow to the Islamic State and al Qaeda with drones

Double blow to the Islamic State and al Qaeda with drones in Syria. Abu Hamza al-Shuhail, leader of the former ISIS and commander of a pro-Turkey militia, was killed in Sere Kanye. Abdulhamid al-Matarn, on the other hand, died in Suluk

The leader of the Islamic State, Sabahi al-Ibrahim al-Mesleh (aka Abu Hamza al-Shuhail) was killed in Syria in the Sere Kaniye area (Ras al-Ain). The man was hit by a missile launched from a drone and lost his life along with his two bodyguards. The jihadist commander, a former member of the former ISIS Shura, fled Deir Ezzor after the SDF conquered the whole region. Subsequently, he became the head of the pro-Turkey militia, Division 20. In the same area, just a few days ago, the United States had killed a high-ranking al Qaeda member: Abdulhamid al-Matar, who was also fatally shot by a drone in the Suluk village. The death of al-Shuhail, however, adds to the operations of the INIS which in the last two weeks have led to the capture of four important IS commanders, who operated between Iraq and Syria.

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