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Syria, does phase 2 of “Deterrence of Terrorism” against Isis in Deir Ezzor begin?

Has phase 2 of the anti-Isis “Deterrence of Terrorism” operation in Deir Ezzor started surprisingly? SDF raid, supported by Inherent Resolve, on a Daesh cell in Shahil

The second phase of the SDF’s anti-Isis operation, “Deterrence of Terrorism”, in Deir Ezzor may have already begun. It is no coincidence that in the past Kurdish forces, in cooperation with Inherent Resolve, carried out a raid in the Shahil area, arresting seven members of the Islamic State. In the cell’s lair were also found weapons, equipment, military uniforms and documents, believed to be of great interest. The first phase of the maneuvers in the Syrian province ended only a few days ago, with a toll of over 110 Daesh jihadists arrested and 65 cleaned locations east of Khabur. The fighters then immediately began preparations for the new offensive, which is concentrated west of the river and further south: between Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban to the border with Iraq. So far, however, no official announcement has been made yet on the resumption of the operation.

Meanwhile, Russia suffers the first attack on Idlib: IED against a vehicle on the M4. How will Turkey react?

In the north of Syria, meanwhile, there is an episode that could lead to changes in the short term. A Russian military vehicle in Idlib was damaged in the aftermath of a bomb explosion (presumably an IED). The vehicle was part of a joint patrol with the TAF on the M4. The event, the first involving the Moscow military in the area, will trigger a harsh response from the Federation, which is likely to turn into waves of air raids on the militias. It also harms Turkey that had promised to secure the highway. Ankara, in fact, will be forced to react by feeding the already tense climate with the local groups, which it has until now supported. This will turn into the risk of losing control over its area of ​​influence and moreover near the border.

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