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Syria, discontent grows among Turkey’s allied militias

Discontent grows among Turkey’s allied militias in northern Syria. Protests and clashes within the FSA are increasing from Idlib to Tal Abyad

In northern Syria, the discontent of Turkey’s allied militias is growing. In recent days there has been a protest by some groups of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to ask for an increase in wages and a rotation between Idlib and Tal Abyad. Furthermore, there is anger that Ankara is allowing Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) to grow in the region, without doing anything to restore balance. This has already caused internal clashes between local jihadists with several deaths. The official motivations are disagreements for the control of some areas. In fact, analysts interpret the events as a signal of growing nervousness, due to the fear of losing weight and being crushed by rival formation. Moreover, the arrival of the coronavirus in the Middle Eastern country complicated the game. The operations against Damascus and the Kurds have almost stopped and there is great fear of being infected.

Ankara is increasingly in difficulty. The M4 is still off-limits to joint patrols with Russia and the war on the Kurds is not bearing fruit

As a result, Turkey is increasingly in difficulty. The agreement signed with Russia binds hands to Ankara on possible support for allied militias. In addition, parallel diplomacy efforts on joint patrols on the M4 have proved counterproductive. HTS used them to gain consensus, accusing rival groups of taking sides against the population of Idlib, opposed to the passage of foreign convoys on the highway. It is no coincidence that all the activities conducted so far have been forced to stop in Nayrab. Also repeated attacks on the Kurdish SDF and the SAA did not bring results. There was, in fact, no strategic gain or in terms of territory. The only alternative, therefore, would be to intervene massively in northern Syria. This, however, would jeopardize the truce and control of the area of ​​influence. Not to mention that in all probability it would create new enemies near the border.

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