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Syria, did the SDF capture an Isis high profile in Hasaka?

Did the SDF capture an Isis high profile in Hasaka? There are no confirmations, but some elements suggest that he is a strategic figure of the Islamic State in eastern Syria

The SDF probably captured an Isis high-profile in Hasaka. By the way there is no official information, but the news released by the Kurdish forces is indicative. First of all, the raid, in collaboration with Inherent Resolve, occurred after the Islamic State militant and his cell had been monitored for some time. Furthermore, ample space was given to his arrest, even if it was a single Daesh member. Consequently, it is conceivable that he could play a strategic or at least of interest role among the ranks of Daesh in Eastern Syria. However, he appears to have been linked to the area of ​​logistical support for terrorists. Something more can still be understood in the coming hours, as the jihadist was transferred to be interrogated.

Meanwhile, Inherent Resolve keeps the pressure on Daesh in Iraq unchanged, despite the reshaping of forces and the birth of the MAG

Meanwhile, the Coalition has been the protagonist of two other anti-Isis operations, this time in Iraq. In recent days, a joint group of Inherent Resolve and ISF (ICTS) special forces operators carried out some raids that led to the capture of four Islamic State commanders north of Baghdad, Babel, Kirkuk and Diyala. In addition, on July 8 (based on intelligence information), international F-15E fighters bombed a cave complex in Wadi Al Shai, used by Daesh militiamen to hide and store weapons, ammunition and explosives. The entire tunnel network has been destroyed. This confirms that the Coalition, although it has reduced the presence of soldiers in the Middle Eastern country with the birth of the Military Assistance Group (MAG), still maintains its commitment even in the offensive phase against terrorists.

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