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Syria, Damascus-Turkey truce holds. But Ankara sends reinforcements

The truce between Syria and Turkey, mediated by Russia, for now holds. The only clashes in Idlib, in fact, are between the SAA and the rebels. Ankara, however, sends reinforcements overland

The truce agreement between Syria and Turkey, mediated by Russia, seems to work despite small violations. In the past few hours, there has been no contact between the army of Damascus (SAA) and the assets of the Spring Shield operation. The only clashes that have taken place are against the rebels especially in the south of Idlib. Ankara, however, is sending large troops to the neighboring country, passing through the Kafar Lousin border crossing. Only on Sunday three big convoys entered the province. In addition, the dial is flown over by drones of the TAF, which, however, simply monitor the situation without intervening. There is also talk of humanitarian aid, with Turkish organizations planning to build houses to accommodate IDP displaced people.

Meanwhile, Iran reappears to Syria, hoping to recover image and ground on Russia, which has become Damascus’ main partner. Tehran, however, because of the Coronavirus, had been “distracted” in a very delicate moment for Assad: the Spring Shield operation

Meanwhile, Iran is also returning to Syria after the Coronavirus epidemic that hit the Middle Eastern country and forced it to focus on internal affairs. The new commander of the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force (IRGC), General Esmail Qaani, paid a visit to the neighboring nation in Aleppo. In particular, the successor of Qasem Soleimani, passed through the cities of Nubul and Zahraa, considered one of the main recruitment centers of Hezbollah. Objective: to show Damascus that Tehran is still an active and present ally. This, on the one hand, to recover the image loss due to the “distraction” caused by COVID-19 in a delicate moment such as the Spring Shield offensive against the SAA. On the other, to try to regain ground against Russia, now considered the main partner of Bashar Assad, providing the regime with support against possible new attacks by Turkey.

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