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Syria, Damascus sends reinforcements to Ain Issa against a possible Turkish offensive

Damascus reacts to a possible offensive by Turkey in northern Kurdistan by sending massive reinforcements to Ain Issa. What will Russia’s position be in this regard?

The Syrian government reacts to Turkey’s possible offensive by sending massive army (SA) reinforcements. It is feared that the TAF, almost resolved the security problems on the M4 in Idlib, could target the region of the northern Kurdistan region with a new operation similar to Peace Spring. Not surprisingly, in the past few hours Ankara drones had bombed the highway section near the city. In this context, an attempt is made to understand what Russia’s position is on the situation. On the one hand, it appears that the Turkish government and Moscow signed a new agreement during the last summit of the member countries of the Astana process. On the other hand, Federation troops escorted SAA reinforcements all the way to Ain Zara and actively support the Assad regime’s offensive south of Idlib to conquer Barah.

Meanwhile, the killings of the Horas al-Din leaders continue in Idlib. Another commander killed with raids

Meanwhile, the campaign to kill the leaders of Horas al-Din (the Guardians of Religion), the antagonist of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), continues in Idlib. In the past few hours Azzam al-Deiri, a group’s high commander, was assassinated in a drone attack between Binnish and Idlib. On the same road, a few days ago, Muhammad Abu Adnan al-Homsi, an important official, and another person (probably his bodyguard) were eliminated while on board a vehicle. A third element had died in the same way, but in a different area of ​​the Syrian province. Two leaders of Horas al-Din had previously died: Qassam al-Urduni (aka Qassam the Jordanian), military general commander of the jihadists, and Bilal al-Sanaani, head of the “desert army”. Now terror is forming in the formation and all the movements have been suspended, while looking for possible spies.

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