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Syria, Damascus concentrates its forces against Isis in Badia

Damascus is concentrating its forces to defeat Isis in Badia. Several units moved from Idlib to East of Hama

Damascus is concentrating its troops in the Badia desert to eradicate the ISIS pockets once and for all. In the past few hours, several units of the Syrian army (SAA) stationed south of Idlib and engaged in fighting local militias have been sent east of Hama. Objective: to provide support to the troops on the ground, engaged with Russia in the maxi campaign against IS in the region that goes from Deir Ezzor to Raqqa, passing through Hama and Homs. In particular, base units were moved from Saraqeb and Maarat al-Numan. These were in fact seen on the Athria-Khanaris road, heading east. They are “heavy” reinforcements: from armored vehicles to tanks. Their first stop is the village of Rahjan (Saan district). Then, however, they will enter the area of ​​operations.

Eliminating the jihadists pockets has become more of a priority than taking Barah back from the local militias

The movement of SAA troops from Idlib to Hama is a clear signal that Damascus has given the defeat of ISIS in the Badia desert top priority. The offensive against the militias to take Barah has consequently faded into the background, even if the clashes continue from a distance. So, in all likelihood, the land invasion south of the province has been postponed. On the other hand, the Syrian government can no longer afford to see its soldiers in the quadrant attacked and exterminated on a daily basis. Moreover, the IS jihadists have gone from a purely defensive posture to an aggressive one. There is therefore a risk that they will rapidly attempt to expand, once again approaching the capital and the regions liberated last year.

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