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Syria, Damascus asks Iran for help to defeat Isis at Deir Ezzor

Damascus calls for help from Iranian militias to stop the wave of Isis attacks against the SAA on Deir Ezzor. These move from the Euphrates to Badia al-Sham, to find where the groups of the Islamic State are hiding

The Syrian government calls on Iranian militiamen to help defeat Isis at Deir Ezzor. Islamic State has since some time begun to attack convoys and structures of the SAA located west of the Euphrates, causing numerous casualties among soldiers. In the last raid alone, at least 15 soldiers were killed. As a result, Damascus asked pro-Tehran Shiite paramilitary forces to intervene. These, located in different bases along the river, began to organize armed convoys, headed for the desert of Badia a-Sham. It is from here, in fact, that the jihadists leave to strike the enemy. The goal of long-range patrols is to find out where terrorist groups are hiding, in order to provide fighters with the coordinates to eliminate them. Until now this task has been entrusted to some units of the local army, which however have never been able to obtain results.

Meanwhile, the SDF are increasing their vigilance at the Al-Hol camp. The incidents of violence by Daesh women inside, in fact, have increased exponentially

Meanwhile, the SDF are intensifying security at the Al-Hol (Hasaka) camp after an escalation of violence involving the “Isis brides”. In recent days, these have burned tents and killed several people who did not want to submit to the ideology of the Islamic State. The latest episode occurred in the past few hours and saw some Daesh women stabbing an Iraqi refugee at the market that connects the structure’s first and third sectors. Fortunately, the man was only wounded in the shoulder and the perpetrators of the gesture were arrested. The situation in the area, however, is very tense. Despite the reinforced vigilance of the Kurdish forces, IS activities are increasing. From attempts to escape to murders, to arsons. The jihadists inside the prison, in fact, communicate with the terrorists outside and coordinate with them. Objective: to continue radicalization, especially for the youngest ones, waiting to escape. Whoever is in the way must be eliminated.

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