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Syria, Damascus and SDF are closer: Aleppo-Raqqa highway reopens

After eight years, the Aleppo-Raqqa highway reopens. Damascus seeks to revitalize the economy despite war and sanctions, while the SDF aim to defeat Isis at the root

After eight years, the Aleppo-Raqqa highway reopens. The measure, which will allow the resumption of direct civilian traffic between the two provinces (so far diverted on Al-Salamiyah Road), is aimed at increasing trade and benefiting population movements. The agreement is a new step towards rapprochement between Damascus and Syrian Kurdistan, which adds to the recent reopening of the M4 between Ain Issa and Tal Amar thanks to Russia’s mediation with Turkey. In this way the Bashar Assad regime tries to revitalize the economy, on its knees due to nine years of war and international sanctions. The SDF, on the other hand, aim to improve relations with the government (especially in an anti-Turkey key) and the living conditions of the population, the only way to tackle the propaganda of terrorist groups such as Isis at the root.

In Idlib, however, the SAA increases the pressure on pro-Turkey militias. Objective: to push them towards the M4, forcing the TAF to intervene

In Idlib, on the other hand, Damascus increases the pressure on pro-Turkey militias, especially south between Hama, Latakia and Aleppo. The Syrian army (SAA) tried to infiltrate Jabal Al-Zawiya (on the Horsh Binin axis), but was rejected and consequently bombed the whole area. It also attacked rebel groups in Al-Kabinah. Objective: to push the jihadists towards the M4 to put Ankara in difficulty. This is because the TAF, if the enemies get too close, would be forced to intervene. In parallel, the sort of truce established by the Assad regime with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) remains in place. The SAA does not target HTS and in return the former al-Nusra Front continues to carry on its internal war against rivals and Turkey. Not surprisingly, every time the TAF move in the province, they must deploy an imposing security mechanism.

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