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Syria, Daesh tries to extend its influence to the east of Badiya

Daesh jn Syria is trying to extend its influence to the east of the desert of Badiya, attacking the Syrian army near the base T3. Isis wants to reorganize itself in the area

Daesh in Syria is trying to extend its influence to the east desert of Badiya, towards Palmyra. The militiamen of the Islamic State attacked the army of Damascus (SAA) in the south east of the T3
pumping station. The objective of the attack, to try to expand the controlled territory at Homs to reach the border with Iraq and Jordan. This is due to the fact that Deir Ezzor has the road blocked by the SDF of Jazeera Storm (Round Up operation), which is advancing at Hajin and Harse. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with the ISF of Baghdad, the Arab-Kurdish forces have blocked the access to Iraq in the south of the quadrant. As a consequence, for Isis the only route of escape left is the one of the Hamad desert. And it is here, as a matter of fact, that jihadists from all over the country are gathering, among them also those evacuated at Yarmouk after the agreement with Damascus of surrender in exchange of a safe-conduct.

The Islamic State at Deir Ezzor is trying to resist as long as possible against the SDF at Hajin. It is aware that once they have lost the city, its existence in Syria will be jeopardized

The Islamic State, instead, is opposing a strong resistance against the SDF at Hajin. The militiamen of Isis are defending the city of Deir Ezzor with all their strength and resources. They are aware that whenever it will fall their presence will be jeopardized not only in the whole Syrian province but in the entire country. At that point, in fact, the Daesh jihadists will be locked both in the desert of Badiya and at east right in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV). Moreover, they will have to fight against 3 enemies at the same time. The SAA, the Arab-Kurdish and the Iraqi troops. These last ones, moreover, are building watch towers in the province of Anbar along the border between the two countries, which will allow them to monitor the whole area from a distance. Therefore, it will much more difficult if not impossible to pass. So, till the reorganization at Hamad, the enemy must be kept busy as long as possible.

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