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Syria, Daesh tries to escape from Deir Ezzor and to go in the Badiya desert

Isis at Deir Ezzor attacks again the Syrian army at Abu Kamal. Objective: to break the defenses of the SAA, to escape towards the desert of Badiya in the west

Daesh at Deir Ezzor attacks again the Syrian army (SAA) at Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal) to try to flee westwards towards the Hamad desert (Badiya). The jihadists of the Islamic State, pressed by the SDF of Jazeera Storm (Round Up operation) east of the Euphrates, launched yet another offensive against the SAA in the city. The objective is to break the defensive lines of the soldiers, and after to go westwards to join the other Isis militiamen in the area. However, the militaries rejected the attack and pushed back the fundamentalists. The Badiya route remains, in fact, the only way for those who are trying to escape from the province. The border with Iraq in the south is sealed. This is confirmed by the arrest of a member of the Islamic police of the IS, who was trying to infiltrate from Syria, into the country. The intelligence of Baghdad discovered and stopped him even if he was traveling alone and “in incognito”.

The militiamen of the Islamic State, evacuated from Yarmouk after the agreement with Damascus, are trying to cover their traces so that Inherent Resolve cannot attack them

Meanwhile, there are fresh news on the evacuation of the Daesh militiamen and civilians from the refugee camp of Yarmouk, near Damascus. The convoy of vehicles, which left the area after the Islamic State had found an agreement with the SAA, once it reached open ground it split in two. One group of busses, carrying between 500 and 600 civilians (mainly women and children) was directed towards Idlib. Other vehicles, on which Isis jihadists were traveling, disappeared. Their destination, however, is probably Badiya. The vehicles scattered even more to make it difficult to be traced. This is meant to avoid – as happened to a group of IS fundamentalists when they moved from the Syrian-Lebanese border towards Deir Ezzor – being attacked by the air fighters of Inherent Resolve. The International Coalition, indeed, has not signed then or now any agreement or deal. Therefore it is free to attack the terrorists without any restriction.

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