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Syria, Daesh grows at Deir Ezzor and attacks in mass the Damascus Army

Daesh attacks the Syrian army at Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal) with 400 militiamen, that have crossed the Euphrates

In Syria, while the SDF return to Deir Ezzor to launch a new Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) against Daesh, militia of the Islamic State lift up their heads in the province. They do this by attacking violently the army of Damascus (SAA) at Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal). It seems that at least 400 jihadists launched the attack against the city, before being rejected by soldiers of the sciite militia in the area. According to local sources, moreover, the result was of only 5 terrorists killed, compared to the 11 victims among the forces of the government. One can presume, however, that shortly there will be further IS offensives. To launch the attack the group had crossed the Euphrates and will likely return the same way. The proven tactics of hit and run, that undermine the morale and tire out the opponent, are adopted in view of more effective maneuvers. Also because reinforcements for the SAA are not expected.

Meanwhile the SDF gather at Deir Ezzor and prepare a new offensive against the Islamic State. Will this start from Hajin? Damascus instead is concentrated on Ghouta

Meanwhile, the SDF is gathering at Deir Ezzor to launch a new operation against Daesh. For the moment, however, the Syrian fighters are still counting the forces and equipments available. Depending on the result of the count, they will move against the Islamic State. According to some rumors, their first target would be Hajin, north of Abu Kamal. It was there, in fact, that that Cizire Storm was concentrating before it was “frozen” by the aggression of Turkey with Olive Branch at Afrin. And it is from here that the war aimed at definitely chasing Isis out of Syria could start. Also because Damascus and the SAA are more interested in taking all of Ghouta and chasing IS out of Qadam, rather than deploying their troops in the Deir Ezzor area. This would be confirmed by the fact that the troops in the quadrant did not move but just concentrated on the defense of the conquered garrisons.

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